Feminist Europa.Review of Books is a journal written in English which reviews feminist scholarship, creative and popular work by women published in Europe, in languages other than English.

Feminist Europa.Review of Books was launched in 1998 as a project of the Division Communication and Cultural Practice of Women’s International Studies Europe (WISE) under whose generous auspices six issues were produced. In 2001, starting with issue Vol 1, No 1, 2001, it was relaunched and has been published ever since by the German Foundation for Gender Studies, whose projects are very much in line with the goals pursued by this reviews journal.

Feminist Europa.Review of Books wants to strengthen the ties among feminist scholars and women’s communities active in all European countries. The aim of this journal is to facilitate awareness of the productivity and debates within women’s studies across linguistic and cultural barriers in Europe, drawing on an extensive pool of scholars and activists committed to transcultural and transnational discourse. The journal hosts publications that have an impact on women’s culture and deserve to be known outside their local context, and fosters the flow of information across national borders and language boundaries. The editorial board already includes a number of nations and constantly seeks new contributors from other languages and cultures.

Feminist Europa.Review of Books is a unique project dedicated to transnational communication and committed to the creation of a new Europe, a Europe in which, i.e., feminists in France are perfectly aware of the discourse articulated by feminists in Ukraine, and communities in Seville can build networks with scholars in Sarajevo and activists in London.